Karpathos Island Villages

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Pigadia Town

Pigadia located on a scenic bay with a long beach and next to a rocky hill is the capital and main port of Karpathos Island. It’s population is approximately 2,500 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in tourist services.[...]
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Olympos Village

The northernmost village on the island of Karpathos located 58 km northwest from the capital of Karpathos, Olympos is a village of exceptional beauty with White and pastel-washed buildings set atop rugged hills overlook clear, blue water [...]
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Menetes Village

Located 8 kilometers southwest from the capital of Pigadia, Menetes is built amphitheatrical on the slopes of the rocky cliffs at an altitude of 350 meters. In the narrow alleys a charming atmosphere is created by [...]
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Diafani Village

Diafani is a small fishing village built below the traditional hilltop village of Olymbos. It is situated on the northeast side of the island, approximately 70 km north of Pigadia and it has the second port of the island. [...]
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Arkasa Village

Arkasa is situated on the coast in the south west of the island with a population of approximately 600 people.Characterized by important historical monuments the name of the village comes from the ancient city of Arkesia. [...]