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Welcome to our new AutoLand Karpathos Rent A Car Website. Autoland is a quality service car rental in the Greek Island of Karpathos founded by Giannis Chirakis.
We are located in Pigadia, Karpathos Island. Our cars are brand new and we offer car rental benefits as well as competitive car rental prices.

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Not Just Rent A Car. Experience a Happy Vacation.

Unlimited Kilometers

Autoland Karpathos Rent A Car offers unlimited kilometers on all vehicles of our fleet. If you need a vehicle to travel long distance or for road trip Autoland Karpathos Rent A Car has the right vehicle for you. Unlimited […]

Free Vehicle Delivery

As customer service of Autoland Karpathos Rent A Car,  we offer you a free delivery of your vehicle anywhere on the island of Karpathos. Main places of delivery include: Port: For a minimum duration of one day […]

Full Car Insurance

In Autoland Karpathos Rent A car, we offer you a full car insurance protection for a stress free experience and happy vacation. No need to worry for anything unxpectable, as we cover you with Full […]

2nd Driver Included

Autoland Karpahtos Rent A Car allows you to share the driving responsibilities with other friends and family members in your top quality rental car. One of the joys of renting a car is that it […]

Free Baby Seat

Get a Free Baby Seat in selected locations when you book your rental car through Autoland Karpahtos Rent A Car. Going on holiday with your children is an adventure and when well planned, is really […]

Free Road Assistance

Occasionally something may occur and your Autolad Karpathos Car may need service while you’re travelling. If you need help, you can rest assured that Autoland Karpahtos, we can provide Free Emergency Roadside Assistance: 24 hours a […]

Automatic Transmission

When booking your car in Autoland Karpathos Rent A Car you will be given a choice of manual transmission or automatic transmission. Here is some information on your options. An automatic car will shift gears […]


to choose from VOLKSWAGEN, TOYOTA, FIAT, HYUNDAI +more...

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